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Taken from Leonca - I probably did it before but oh well.

10 Things About Me
1. I don't have a sleep schedule. I sort of drift around the clock going to bed later and later until I get completely narcoleptic and start switching off during the day and then I start going to bed early and waking up in wee hours in the morning. Honestly, it's uncomfortable, especially when I don't get to talk to friends in other time zones because of it.
2. I went from being the person who always says whatever they think to a person who doesn't bother to talk much. Even if you offend me - unless you made me angry enough to not be able to resist saying something or unless I feel that someone can benefit from changing your attitude. Maybe I am jaded because I spent some time around people whose only replies to "what you're saying hurts me" were "you misunderstood me" and "you are so wrong" but I feel that arguing is a waste of energy and time in most cases.
3. I spend most of the time I'm awake thinking about my original characters. Basically, unless I have more pressing things on my mind I am probably thinking of something stupidly mundane like how many sugars Chauncey puts in his tea and so on. It's like an imaginary webcam in my head.
4. People tend to assume I have a dog. I never had one. I hope to fix this someday.
5. I keep rats though. I don't talk about them enough because they are amazing and most people don't know much about rats in general. So I feel like I should be educating people but I usually don't. It's hard to explain.
6. I relate to the Doctor a lot because that's how I feel about my past - it happened to me but I was a different person back then. I rarely get worked up about the past, or at least I try not to.
7. But I can never pick which of my characters I relate more to because I relate to all of them (with a couple of notable exceptions like the nurse that hates Quinton). When I come up with a new character I always think about what we have in common and where we are completely different, so it sort of helps.
8. I never had a dream where I was flying. The closest I get to flying in dreams is jumping very high and sort of floating before I drift back down, like there isn't enough gravity.
9. I have a t-shirt with the Avengers and I really like that t-shirt but I don't like superhero comics much and my main thought while watching The Avengers movie was "gosh I need to pee... when does this thing end already?!"
10. Sometimes I come up with something funny in my head but it's too long to explain so I just grin stupidly. It's like an inside joke except I'm literally the only person who knows it and it's crazy.

Questions from Leonca 

1. Horses: fun, scary, or meh?
More scary than anything, I guess. A good friend of mine works with horses and I find occasional glimpses into the horse world fascinating and I can understand why people love them but I don't think I'd want to be around horses much.

2. What is your favorite color of dog?
Probably tawny! I started thinking and decided it depends on the breed because I find tawny and black labradors prettier than chocolate ones but honestly I'm very indifferent to coat colours when it comes to actually choosing a pet. Never chose a rat based on colour or ear shape.

3. Would you prefer living in the arctic or the desert?
I know the reasonable answer is the desert because they are more heavily populated but I get through heat harder than through cold, I am practically braindead during heatwaves. But it might be because my flat has no air conditioning besides opening windows.

4. Have you ever been to Sea World, and if so did you enjoy it?
Never been, dunno if I would even if I got the opportunity, to be honest.

5. If a black cat crosses your path, it means…?
That it wanted to get to the other side. I usually end up thinking "If something bad happens today, will I be silly enough to remember to blame the cat?"

6. What is the weirdest TV show you have ever seen?
I'm tempted to say Doctor Who because you can pick any episode, briefly describe it and if people don't know what you're talking about they'll decide you're crazy.

7. What is the weirdest or most annoying movie you have ever seen?
Pi is probably the weirdest film I've ever seen but my mental issues were reaching their highest point when I discovered it so it made a looot of sense back then (it's like watching movies when high, I guess, only your brain is your dealer). When it comes to the most annoying movie I think it's Shutter Island - I hate it but hating it this much made me come up with some characters and stories that are very dear to me so I don't know if I have the moral right to hate it at this point. Probably?

8. If you celebrate Halloween, what is the best costume you have ever worn?
Halloween is very low-key where I live. I remember one time we were going to have a big party at school but some education officials banned it a few days before Halloween because apparently it was a "satanic activity" or something utterly stupid like that.

9. Have you ever met an interesting character in a dream that you wish you could meet in real life?
The Doctor, the Master, John Simm, nearly all the cops from Life On Mars (gosh that was an awesome dream, I cried when it was over), Stephen Hawking, Peter Capaldi, Mark Everett, a few of my characters, probably someone else I can't remember now. But those are cool times, usually my dreams are stupid. I often have that common one about having an upcoming exam on some subject I can't possibly know or ever need and it takes me over a minute of being awake to realise I am not a part of education system any more.

10. If you had a chance to get your picture taken with a tiger that was sedated for tourists, would you?
Nope. I generally frown on this whole taking photos with wild animals thing unless the animals are in their natural habitat and aren't restrained aaand your name is probably David Attenborough.

Questions for anyone who feels like answering
1. What's your favourite crime fiction?
2. Paperbacks or digital books? Excluding comics and art books - basically you have text with no pictures, how do you prefer it?
3. What's the scariest medical invention? Can be something useful but outdated like the iron lung or something outdated and plain wrong like lobotomy - those two are the ones that scare me the most, btw.
4. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and what would be its biggest downside?
5. What's the worst book you had to read in school?
6. Selfish question - if you had to spend a day with any character from Cop Story, who would it be (and optionally what would you do)?
7. Biggest writing pet peeve(s)? Can be language-related or story-related.
8. Tell me some lesser-known swear-word(s)!
9. Tell me something about your first teacher!
10. Would you want to be a Dalek operator?

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Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm the only consulting cartoonist in the world.

I draw comics about cops. And antisocial people. Some of them are disabled.

I've graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing Art (and did not die in process!) with a degree in Illustration in summer 2011.

DON'T thank me for the fav/watch and don't give me llamas - better :+fav: or comment on my work instead! :)

My art tumblr - Cop Story


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