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Let's do it quickly while there's still time! And I'm going to concentrate on creative stuff because going on about "ooh, I wish it all the dumb stuff stops happening in the world and everyone becomes happy" is kind of pointless - obviously that'd be nice, obviously that's unlikely to happen. :roll:

Star!Write ten holiday wishes.Star!
Let's be realistic, no one is going to send you a new computer, but they might stop by with a llama badge and well-wishes!
(Please don't actually send me llamas, I don't care for DA badges.)

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 1. To get more Cop Story done - both comics and random art. I made some progress this year and I'm even happy about what I did but there was not enough and it seems no matter how much time I find for it I'm never productive enough. I'm not even sure I need more time because I know my freelance work isn't always very time-consuming, but I could use some fair wind, whatever it implies. And maybe a bit more time too after all!

Tea 2. More suggestions for Cop Story doodles and such. I feel that I pester people for those and it'd be nice if it just happened from time to time. I don't even mean specific instructions, more like someone saying "so how does Troy feel about art supplies?" and me going "now I need to draw Troy eating crayons!!" and doing it. :crazy:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. I'm always happy when people tell me something that inspires a story, from their own experiences to links to media and such. It's not something I can ask for because I find that it never works if it's forced but I love when it happens on its own accord.

Holidays 4. Good, fun conversations! When I say that I like comments I usually don't even mean stuff like "Nice picture, good work!" - I love talking about my stories but going on about them without doing anything doesn't seem entirely right so discussing it all after I drew a comic page or some doodles becomes a little guilty pleasure.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 5. COURAGE! I think getting worked up about my art and writing might be a part of my creative process but I wish I could feel easier about my decisions and could let go faster.

Christmas Tree 6. Gift art! You know all artists love gift art. And art trades! And in 2015 I'm going to drop my stupid habit of being so... I dunno, apologetic about it? I don't feel uncomfortable about my characters but I always end up thinking that it's challenging for other people to draw them - ooh, you actually drew a wheelchair, ooh, you got that pose just right, ooh, you didn't back away from my cast! If anyone draws me something I'm obviously insanely grateful for it (and I have a separate folder and I plan to print out the contents when I find a good place for one of those nifty boards to pin stuff on) but I wish people would just flat out say they don't want to trade instead of going on about how they can draw an anthropomorphic vampire dinosaur panda alien hybrid with fairy wings but a person in a wheelchair is too hard to draw. :stare: ...this turned into a rant about pet peeves, sorry. :P I think I got to a point where I don't mind being told "no" but do mind hearing the explanations for it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7. More activity on DA, Smackjeeves and Charahub. Everyone is fleeing to tumblr and fancy sites like Hiveworks, what happened to good old art communities where you could actually talk in comments instead of clicking some "thumbs up" button? On the same note, I hope DA will stop being as facepalm-inducing as it's been in the last few months.

Snowflake 8. A new show to fall in love with. I don't mean to just enjoy, I mean to find it amazing and mind-blowing like I did with Life on Mars and RTD's run of Doctor Who (I think I'll always have a soft spot for Doctor Who but the past few series moved it from "utterly brilliant" to "one of the shows I like" for me because of the writing). I think it'd have to be a show with a varied quirky cast (and when I say varied I don't mean "there's a woman and a black guy", I mean proper varied), possibly crime-solving, nice music and set in the UK. Yeah, I realise that it sounds like I'm asking for Cop Story and that it's unlikely to happen. But something along those lines? I can hope, right?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 9. Less dumb stuff. I do my best to keep facepalming at bay and concentrate on good stuff but less stupid things happening online and irl would be really good. I won't go into details, we'd be here all night. :|

Santa Clause 10. If anyone wants to bestow anything physical on me, I'd love art supplies (hardcover sketchbooks, Copic markers, Derwent pencils and Micron/Copic pens are my favourite ones but I'm not picky) or any books on British police (preferably with pictures, mmm, I've seen some great ones on ebay but I'm borderline broke right now). Oh, and a detailed map of London! I really want a detailed map of London to have around but I'm a cheapskate and always use google maps (I guess printed maps are so overpriced because everyone knows tourists are great to rip off).

I'm still going to upload a couple of things before the year is over, watch out for those! :wave:
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I'm a loony and I'm proud. Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.

My art tumblr - Cop Story


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PLEASE DON'T thank me for the fav/watch!

Just make more art and if you want to show gratitude - comment or :+fav: on my art instead! Better spread actual feedback than the same comment over and over.

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