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Anyone you're looking forward to seeing in the next sketchdump? No really, I'll try to fit at least some suggestions in! :D 

2 deviants said That woman with Pot Noodle!
2 deviants said That woman from the bus stop!
2 deviants said Those kids (any of them)!
2 deviants said Someone else from Cop Story (suggest in comments)!
1 deviant said That ginger kid who's a bit of an asshole!
1 deviant said That woman who likes sponges!
1 deviant said That guy who is in the background of Piss Business!
1 deviant said That cop who hates everyone! ...okay, not everyone!
No deviants said That ginger who always whinges!
No deviants said That kid who was tumblr-famous once!



Ness kids banner by Oly-RRR

So I got tagged by :iconrae-j: a while ago...


1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made up, then make up your own 10 questions for the people you tagged to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal.
4. Nothing like 'you are tagged if you read this'.
5. Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry. I'm no dictator, do it if you feel like!

1. What kind of music do you listen to while you work/if any?
Depends on what I'm doing. When I sketch I can't listen to anything because it distracts me from expressions and gestures and pacing and such. When I ink I prefer stuff that can keep my brain busy BECAUSE INKING IS BORING so it's either Ouch or Radio 4 shows or (rarely) audio books. And colouring takes more thinking than inking so it's usually music (lately it's either soundtracks of series 1-4 of Doctor Who, Billy Elliot OST or The Weakerthans).

2. How many sketchbooks have you gone through since Jan2014?

This is embarrassing but only one. WAIT I CAN EXPLAIN!! I have a few quirks around sketchbooks (like I can't fill pages out of order and I can't move on to the next page until the page before it is filled) so I keep several sketchbooks of different sizes and with different paper started. Also I draw nearly everything (including comic pages) in sketchbooks, there's something encouraging about measuring progress like that.

3. Coke/Pepsi?
DR PEPPER when available. But generally it's Coke when at home (my parents always kept a bottle of Coke and a bottle of Fanta/Irn Bru/Sprite in the fridge when I was a teenager) and Pepsi when out.

4. Do you share your artwork/ideas with family/friends outside of art sites?
I think at this moment I only have a couple of friends who aren't on any art site (they are also artists, just not big on posting stuff online) and I do share artwork/ideas with them but don't go out of my way to do it. When it comes to my family I am generally open with them (as in my mother and my stepfather know my DA and probably check it sometimes but we don't discuss it much) and I occasionally mention something I work on to my mother but there's a boundary we both learned not to cross because I'd like to draw/write what I want no matter what my family (or anyone else) thinks about it.

5. Any guilty-pleasure youtube vids you wanna share?
My favourite channel on rat behaviour
A dog who REALLY likes ball pits
A lifetime of original British drama
Armed bastards (a Life on Mars music video)
A problem with Brighton's Christmas lights
John and Kevin's Sunday papers
Exploding whale
I dunno, I just feel guilty about anything I watch on youtube because I can spend HOURS there.

6. Why did you bother to join this god forsaken always-has-porn-on-the-front-page "art" site? Or better yet, why have you stayed?
You will laugh but I joined DA in the summer before my freshman year at the uni because I didn't feel I was good enough to join before and thought the Internet didn't need another mediocre artist. Sometimes I regret I didn't do it sooner because being in an art community can help you improve, sometime I'm glad I didn't do it sooner because it's really easy to sit in a hugbox (or on contrary, act upon ANY critique you get)  and develop bad art habits online. I dunno. :shrug: When it comes to why I'm staying - DA on the whole is a dump but I like art of people I watch and I like getting to talk with my watchers and that's pretty much it. :D I avoid browsing the front page and really dislike how DA dumps its garbage on everyone through that "more from DA" widget but my part of DA is still nice. It's like living in a good neighbourhood of a generally meh city.

7. What was the first personal character you ever created?
I'm pretty sure my first characters were talking police dogs. Though I remember drawing a gang of crime-fighting lizards (basically TMNT but lizards) in primary school. And I think I had a ghost detective character around the same point (he was very different from Ghost Copper though)? But my first "proper" character (as involving research, planning and an actual comic) was a schizophrenic trying to escape from a psychiatric facility to stop actually occurring alien invasion. Don't get excited, I was 13 so that story was still crapola but at least I tried? =P I don't have any pictures of him online and sometimes I think about revamping him but it's pretty much like making a new character, again, I was 13.

8. What kind of excuses do you tell yourself when you want to draw, but just sorta don't?
"I'll just comment on a few things online/play 3DS for half an hour/do some writing research." I have a rule about drawing daily and it's pretty easy to follow after a while and I usually actually WANT to draw but there's just too many good distractions!

9. Do you plan on ever making a career out of your artistic interests?
If you mean "do you plan to draw for a living?" then this is what I'm already doing. If you mean "do you plan to make profit from Cop Story or be employed to work on a similar project?" I really doubt it ever happens. I dunno, lately I feel really dissatisfied in art as an industry and I try to be optimistic but right now it looks it'll be all about conventionally attractive people and overly cute animals all smiling attractively for the foreseeable future and it's a job like any other but sometimes I wonder if it would be easier doing something else and having more time for personal art.

10. What is your creative process?
I get a bunch of random information in my head, it sort of warps into something else, then I think about that and... that's it? Then I draw whatever I came up with over and over and as I draw those people and places I think of them so I come up with more ideas (and when it comes to characters I have to draw a character at least a couple of times before they feel believable enough, it's like visual part is tied to the writing part there). I dunno, I used to feel guilty over how much of my creative process is just watching the world but I've recently seen a video of British tv writers talking about their writing process and many of them said the same thing so I feel better about it. I like my stories being a fictional version of reality and I like that my writing research is basically learning about the world and people in it - I'd feel uncomfortable writing about actually existing people and I don't get any joy out of trying to figure out fantasy worlds so this is how it is for me. :)

Tagging (again, you don't have to do it, especially if I tagged you recently) -
AymsterSilver julianwilbury RianaLD GalooGameLady ExplosiveCoffee Leonca and anyone else who feels like doing this! :)

My questions, now my questions! :la:
1. Where do you draw and what do you keep there (a photo is good too)?
2. The worst neighbours/flat mates/room mates you ever had? (No need to name names but tell me about the bastards.)
3. Do you know a knock-knock joke? Better yet, do you know a GOOD knock-knock joke? :stare:
4. How do you organise work on your personal art? Do you have a to-do list written or is it all in your head or something else?
5. What is your top favourite holiday that is not a winter holiday (as in you can't say Christmas or NYE or Hanukkah or Winter Solstice or something around that time)?
6. Your top favourite names and your least favourite names? (This is not shameless fishing for information to use in Cop Story, what am I saying, my entire life is shameless fishing for information to put in Cop Story!)
7. What do you think about when you go for a walk? DO YOU PLAY YELLOW CAR or similar games???
8. How's your progress on your art/comic/story/anything personal you work on in 2015 so far?
9. Any film/book/show that you can't wait for right now?
10. Share something you uploaded on DA recently AND something you faved recently!
11. Traditional optional self-indulgent question - whose side are you on, Danny or Donny and Quinton or Philip? :crazy:

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I'm a loony and I'm proud. Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.

PLEASE DON'T thank me for the fav/watch!

Just make more art! :D And if you want to express gratitude - comment or :+fav: on my art instead! Better spread actual feedback than the same comment over and over.


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Oly-RRR Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hey there! :wave: Likewise, thank you for visiting and kind words! :) I really enjoyed your art and I'll drop by again! I remember seeing your art before today (turns out I faved the otter picture before) but I have no clue how I found it first. But yeah, possibly through tattiOsala's page as well! :D
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